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Dodge Concierge


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Technology has made connecting and providing immersive digital experiences easier than ever. But, the digital world isn’t touchable. Even with the advent of popup online chat, there are still times when something physical, such as an owner appreciation kit — or, even a human on the other end of a service phone call — is just what your brand needs to stay close to the customer.

Don’t call them call centers. Our concierge and dealer support teams provide services that go above and beyond. Whether handling a VIP customer for the newest, limited-edition vehicle, sending out build sheets or checking on ordered merchandise, our concierges provide our clients’ brands the human touch needed to keep enthusiasm high and relationships strong. You won’t find this at other agencies — another way that JRT is different.

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Dodge Concierge

The JRT concierge team busy at work.

Viper 1 of 1

Welcome to Viper 1 of 1. For three model years, our concierge team worked with hundreds of special Viper customers to dream, design and participate in the creation process of their very own car. Want it to match your favorite shade of blue? No problem. We’ll even send you a carbon fiber color block. Want to see photos of your engine being hand assembled? No problem: on their way. A VIP owner's kit? Handled. Want to know the rest of the steps and days in the build schedule? Give us a call — we know you by name. Every step of the way, we're guiding these very special clients of our client to the presentation of their vehicle right in the assembly plant. That’s JRT concierge services.


The order portal website mocked up on multiple devices showing responsive design.

Order Process

First, receive your 1 of 1 cert once ordered.
Second, recieve custom paint speedform.
Third, communicate through portal with concierge team.
Finally, unveil your viper.

Process Photos

A viper hood painted purple with a thick back stripe and a smaller red stripe.
The same hood being put onto the purple viper
The final form of the purple viper
A viper concealed by a cloth cover waiting to be unveiled.
Two men pulling off the cloth cover revealing the purple viper.
The full team and owners standing next to the final unveiled viper.
An arial shot of a field filled with hundreds of viper 1 of 1 builds and their owners parked in a grid

VIP Customer Relationship Management and Demon Crate Handling


The viper authentication package design closed and opened
The demon authentication package design closed and opened
The viper authentication package includes letter of authenticity, build sheets, carbon fiber certicard, custom viper-branded ipad with videos and pictures. In addition to the kit, you get the official speed form and display case and framed collage of selected pictures
The demon crate opened with the items laid out for viewing in a garage.

The Ultimate Last Chance

Our Dodge client is known for creating limited-edition, high-performance machines that evoke a very visceral, American horsepower reaction. And so, the Last Chance was an opportunity to get the word out on owning the very last Dodge Viper ever built along with the very last Dodge Demon. Two cars. 1,485 horsepower. Stock. The only trick was, you had to bid at Barrett-Jackson to do so, with proceeds going to charity. Once again, the JRT concierge team sprang to action, promoting and producing materials to get the excitement level to an 11. The word spread, and on the televised auction, one well-heeled bidder got two great, collectable cars. But the best part: every penny of $ 1 million went to United Way.

A viper and a demon on display at the ultimate last chance auction with the card on display as well
The flyer design for the Ultimate last chance auction

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