Bringing bigger life to LIVING FORWARD

Bringing bigger life to LIVING FORWARD

Every once in a while, an assignment comes along that provides the opportunity to create something with just a little deeper purpose.

FCA US LLC’s newly renamed Driveability Program is that special kind of opportunity for the JRT agency®. We’re proud to be handed the responsibility to elevate the Driveability message, bringing to light the benefits that mobility solutions provide for 53 million Americans and their caregivers, changing lives for the better.

It’s a fitting assignment as FCA US was the first brand to enter the modern mobility marketplace with the revolutionary launch of America’s first minivan 35 years ago this year. Over the ensuing decades, other adapted vehicle models were added to meet diverse accessibility needs, an effort that culminated in the formation of the Automobility program in 1987. Yet, with increased competition and other marketplace factors present, in 2016, FCA US identified an opportunity to reassert its leadership by addressing more contemporary aspects of the mobility marketplace.

Enter the JRT agency®.

Three years ago, we helped FCA US create the foundational campaign elements that embody the spirit of people being able to live forward. We shifted the emphasis from what can’t be overcome to what can be accomplished.

Focusing on perseverance, positivity and vehicles precisely upfitted to meet mobility desires in addition to needs, a new messaging platform became a unique marketplace juggernaut.

Automobility 2016 leads to Driveability 2019

The campaign’s initial marketplace success also provided us insight to guide the evolution of the brand. So, for 2019, FCA US’s 2.0 program debuts with the launch of the rebranded Driveability Program.

What’s different?

Well, a name, for one. In this age of autonomous vehicle development, the term “automobility” has become more closely associated with driverless technologies. Driveability, with a new graphic brand ID, better communicates our program and its intentions, yet also continues to reflect the humanity and forward slant of our #ILiveForward.

In film, print and digital, we showcase brand ambassadors who truly take life to the next level, unapologetically on their own terms. Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, a wheelchair daredevil, and Noah Galloway, a former military vet turned cross trainer, are both nationally recognized athletes who bring plenty of attention to Driveability with their incredible skills, as well as with their inspiring, active social presence.

“The human part of this program can’t be lost in the engineering or the marketing,” said Amy Baker, FCA US Fleet Marketing Manager. “We knew that to be effective and authentic, we had to be real and truly represent those who are overcoming obstacles with a positive, powerful outlook. Their stories are amazing and inspiring, and that’s how we see the future of this program.”

Along the way, the campaign’s print, video and website design have garnered a bevy of prestigious acclaim, including Gold and Platinum Tellys, Hermes and Dot.comm awards. But more important for client and agency alike, aligning Driveability with such stirring personal triumphs of spirit and accomplishment is the real reward.

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