Dodge’s direct enthusiast connection

Dodge’s direct enthusiast connection

JRT helps DodgeGarage power shift into second gear

Or is that second year?

Actually, it’s both. the enthusiast hub for the latest in muscle cars, racing news, and automotive lifestyle and culture – rips into its sophomore season connecting owners and fans with FCA US LLC’s Dodge/SRT®/Mopar® brands.

With more devotees wanting to be a part of the “Brotherhood (and Sisterhood!) of Muscle,” has seen its ranks grow beyond expectation. Our JRT team is grateful to be the partner helping the Dodge brand create and nurture it.

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Like a well-tuned muscle car, the JRT agency® designed, engineered, tested and launched the site in 2018, hitting the pavement with exclusive content that took readers into unique places like the FCA design studios, historic Chrysler Chelsea Proving Grounds, and even behind the scenes at NHRA and NMCA drag races. was even onsite capturing content at highly visible collector car auctions – such as Barrett-Jackson and Mecum – along with major shows and lifestyle events. The site also promotes relevant content from hundreds of automotive websites around the globe.

Naturally, also connects with, all of the official Dodge brand advertising and social channels, and their experiential endeavors, linking the entirety of the division’s marketing effort together.

And now we’re in the staging lane for another pass in 2019. For our second run, JRT and the Dodge brand can’t wait to bring enthusiasts more of everything: partnerships; exclusive member benefits; rich, unique content; contributors; and our fans’ commentary, too.

We’re honored that JRT’s 44-year tradition of high-octane consumer engagement continues to grow along with

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