Moving the industry that moves what matters

Moving the industry that moves what matters

Ever wonder how the necessities of our lives are so accessible? Hint: 18 wheels and air horns have a lot to do with it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost everything we depend on — food, clothing, cars, electronics, fuel, medicine, housewares, etc. — travels via commercial trucking. No wonder it accounts for almost three-quarters of a trillion dollars in annual gross freight revenues, according the American Trucking Association.

Over the past year, this statistic has been of particular interest to the JRT agency®, as we’ve become an agency of record for Dana Incorporated, a global provider of drivetrain and propulsion systems. Our role: to amplify and build this company’s stellar brand reputation to help impact the future of commercial transportation.

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Literally, on both counts! While hybrid and EV technology for light-duty cars and trucks continues to move forward, not quite as well known is how quickly the electrification movement is happening in commercial vehicles. And that’s where we are with Dana, promoting its industry-leading BEV and hybrid technologies behind a new JRT-concepted campaign The Power Behind the Power Ahead, which debuted last fall at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Hanover, Germany. Fitting for Dana’s rich 115-year innovation legacy, new product technologies were not only displayed in the flesh, but also via JRT-created interactive, sophisticated iPad®-based design demonstrations.

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Everyone knows product training can be, well, boring, so JRT set out to find just the right personality to deliver important technical information with plenty of energy. Thus, Driveline Forensics with Jessi Combs was created.

With on-camera experience, vehicle build background, metal fabrication skills and, yes, her signature performance driving, Jessi was the perfect fit. Her spirited, signature style adds elements of interest and fun, making the videos truly entertaining while they educate.

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How do you make waves in commercial vehicle replacement parts, and have aftermarket outlets asking for them by name? By doing your homework, of course. Supported by JRT-initiated global market research – from concepting, naming and branding to widespread industry advertising and its first public trade show – we’ve helped strategically create and position Dana’s first all-makes aftermarket commercial vehicle product line, Spicer® Select. We even formalized a new standard for tracking and optimizing the digital and social campaign through our Business Intelligence team for maximum effect.

Yes, JRT is proud to be helping Dana Incorporated help its customers keep America, and the world, moving. Think about that the next time you’re driving by a tractor-trailer. If you give ‘em the old “arm bend and pump,” betcha you’ll hear that air horn symphony!

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