At the JRT agency®, human has a nice ring to it.

At the JRT agency®, human has a nice ring to it.

Today, we’re experiencing more convenience through technology, whether it be voice command features or just a few touch strokes of the fingers. Yet even today, a helpful, live human being remains the best complement to all this AI and algorithm-based activity. At the JRT agency®, we’re proud that despite all the amazing digital platforms we manage on behalf of our marketing clients, our in-house concierge team is only a phone call away.

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We’re no call center, though. We are a concierge service. The difference? We follow no script, no pre-described verbiage. We’re real people helping real people, which helps our client brands’ create high-satisfaction outcomes, regardless of what the challenge may be.

“Our concierge team treats everyone as an individual,” Susan Stackpole, Customer Service Manager, says. “What we look for in our concierge team members is that they not only have the skills to communicate, but they also have the ability to be empathetic towards a client’s comments, concerns, questions or issues.”

Seeing and feeling things from a consumers’ point-of-view is the key. We rely on not only our know-how, but our authenticity to communicate. Likewise, to keep our customer relations and operations organized, we assign each concierge team member to specific clients. This creates a higher level of knowledge, familiarity and pride to reach successful results.

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The Mopar® concierge team members offer guidance to dealer and wholesale partner personnel regarding the promotions, products and much more. This, in turn, spurs more business opportunity for them, as well as help create more satisfied Mopar and Mopar Express Lane customers. Plus, by working closely with both Mopar U.S and Canada, we’ve differentiated the way we do business to serve each country in unique ways.

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The Dodge Brand concierge team members assist Dodge Challenger SRT® customers with exclusive offers related to their vehicles. And when it comes to Dodge Brand enthusiasts, our team knows how to mirror the brand’s energy and attention to performance on the phone. Along with program verification, our team handles orders for authentication packages and manages the perks and eligibilities for customers provided on

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The Jeep® Brand concierge team members offer upbeat and positive convenience, always here to lend a hand, or a wave, to hardcore fans.

The JRT agency®, moving brands at the speed of the customer.