A Change of Perspective Starts Within

A Change of Perspective Starts Within

Renovated space creates a fresh, collaborative environment for the JRT agency® and CG Detroit.

It’s been said if you don’t change, you’ll never grow. And as a growing agency, we’re the type that embraces a little revolution now and then. That’s why we recently took on some major changes to our own house. It was an all-out commitment and an all-hands-on deck effort to create a complete spacial metamorphosis.

Now, we can’t be more proud to announce the new and revamped the JRT agency® and CG Detroit HQ.

The remodeling was first advocated by CEO Mark Bellissimo, who envisioned a more open-minded concept that would not only bring in more exterior light, but break down interior barriers to unleash plenty more collaboration.

“At JRT and CG, we’re only as good as our best ideas coming to life, and it takes a village to do so — we need an environment that supports that,” Bellissimo said.

The redesign started at ground level and rose to the soffits. With help from MarxModa, an integrated design ran the gamut from new flooring to a fresh hexagonal design of workstations, all-new collaborative spaces, color, lighting and graphics from the in-house design and build team at CG Detroit, creating a space that delights employees and visitors alike.

We utilized our in-house talents to make the creative aesthetic come true. With the help of JRT Art Directors and the design, build and installation expertise of CG Detroit, we accomplished a design that highlights our collective personality and our creative acumen as an agency. To add a finishing touch, we put an extra splash of personalization on our walls in the form of original art on canvases created by each of our 107 employees, resulting in an in-house homage of our entire team at JRT and CG.  

As expected, our newly designed office is inspiring fresh, more dynamic thinking. This includes a change of pace in the office – quicker, brighter and more emphatic. Rob Stackable, Production Manager of the JRT agency®,  took on the leading production role and has seen firsthand the benefits to the entire agency culture.

“The renovations and open concept have brought a whole new outlook for everyone. It’s created a new work environment, but more importantly, there’s a great new energy now,” Stackable said.

To celebrate the new collaborative spaces, the JRT agency® and CG Detroit employees invited friends and loved ones for an exciting summer night to show off the new environment. With tasty entrees, live music, games and, of course, the beautifully remodeled space, the evening turned out to be a fantastic showcase of the new and updated agency of which we’re very proud.

We change so we can concept better, create better and produce better outcomes for both ourselves and our clients. We’re excited to continue growing our agency and embracing many changes to come.