JRT Turns the World into One Big Jeep® Brand Enthusiast Club

JRT Turns the World into One Big Jeep® Brand Enthusiast Club

Jeep® brand enthusiasts love a good get-together. Across the country and around the world, they gather for trail rides, for Cars & Coffee events, for Show and Shines, obstacle courses, and small town Jeep gatherings.

And now, they can gather at JeepWave.com, a virtual base camp for the legendary brand’s passionate fans.

Two women and one man with a Jeep Wrangler

As experts in the enthusiast space, the JRT agency® was entrusted with creating JeepWave.com, a digital content hub and premier destination where Jeep® brand enthusiasts can hang out to get the latest on all things Jeep, including exclusive original content consumers won’t find anywhere else, Drawing on the JRT culture of high-performance collaboration, we packed a marathon of design, development and content creation into the project.

two women working on laptop computers

The goal was to create a place for Jeep brand enthusiasts to come together to explore, share and celebrate their passion for the machines, the people who love them and the culture around them. Wherever they go and however they use their Jeep brand vehicle – whether taking the top and doors off, climbing up the side of a mountain or hauling hockey gear, groceries or bags of dog food for the local shelter – JeepWave.com gives Jeep brand owners, followers and friends the tools to find freedom and adventure in their area.

Two men on a golf cart with video equipment

Building a new website can be a little like off-roading and JRT’s adventurous developers, dedicated designer, development manager, content strategist and project managers plowed through the mud and over the rocks to create a user experience that is as inspiring as a view from the Rubicon Trail.

many men and women sitting around a conference room table

Join the adventure at JeepWave.com!