Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership

If our cars are a statement about us as individuals, then fleet vehicles are surely the mission statement of business. And, thanks to a partnership between FCA US Fleet and the JRT agency®, a business’s fleet of Ram trucks emphatically says, “We lead by example.”

2020 is perfect timing to herald this message. FCA’s decade-long pursuit to improve Ram trucks, culminating in back-to-back MotorTrend Truck of the Year® award winners, helped the brand snatch second place in US full-size pickup sales from Chevy Silverado, a position it had held for decades.  

Building on the successful Ram “Built to Serve” retail campaign, Amy Baker, FCA’s Senior Manager of Fleet Marketing, knew it was time to emphasize the importance of Ram’s current product capabilities to business owners and fleet managers.

“For many business owners, Ram trucks are the strong silent type — they quietly perform their duties by doing the right things: providing the right amount of power, fuel savings, thoughtful features and interior comfort,” Baker says. “We wanted an extension of ‘Built to Serve’ that spoke to the important role our trucks perform for today’s workforce.”

The JRT agency®’s “Lead By Example” multi-channel campaign proved to be the right platform to not only showcase the capability business owners need, but also to reflect the pride and dedication these leaders have toward their companies. 

“When we spoke face-to-face with Ram fleet customers, we were touched by their devotion to their work. None reported it as a walk in the park, yet the dedication and pride they felt in their craft, in their companies, in their employees, was so deeply felt,” says Terry Ayrault, the JRT agency®’s Chief Creative Officer.

“Lead By Example” is built around real fleet owners, and includes online advertisements, print, social media and email, as well as providing a special tool on the “Lead By Example” microsite

“Utilizing real-life testimonials gives the campaign authenticity you can’t get by writing a script and using actors,” says Ayrault. “And, because of its authenticity – because we’ve connected with these businesses – there’s some notoriety for them, too.”

“Business leaders and managers navigating the challenges and opportunities they’re faced with every workday defines leadership,” says Baker, “‘Lead By Example’, and Ram’s dedication to providing world-class tools for them to get things done, resonates perfectly.”