JRT and Mopar® Poised to Launch Gen2 & Wholesale Portal

JRT and Mopar® Poised to Launch Gen2 & Wholesale Portal

Mopar®, the original equipment parts manufacturer for Stellantis, supplies OEM production and remanufactured parts to a nationwide network of dealers, authorized warehouse distributors, and professional installers for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram brand vehicles.

As Mopar’s aftermarket wholesale parts business has grown, the websites for installers (MoparRepairConnect) and warehouse distributors (WD Portal) needed to evolve, too. JRT launched the successful Gen1 version almost five years ago, so in collaboration with Mopar, a completely new user experience was boldly envisioned to create a more immersive, capable and streamlined platform.

MoparRepairConnect, along with the Warehouse Distributor (WD) Portal, are Mopar Parts information platforms that equip repair shop personnel and authorized Mopar warehouse distributors with up-to-date information on repair procedures, part numbers, warranty information and much more. Essentially, all specifications that are needed for repairing Stellantis’ branded vehicles are accessed through these sites.  

JRT’s task was to create a more efficient and user-friendly experience to enable facility technicians and WDs to find ever-changing parts information, as well as updated sales tools more efficiently. The user experience team at the JRT agency® reached deep into its collective brain bank and recommended re-launching the site using a content management system (CMS) to better control ever-expanding product resources and marketing assets. The digital ecosystem JRT created has become the essential resource to maintaining Mopar’s voluminous aftermarket wholesale parts sales business, as well as facilitating seamless communications to all field personnel. The Gen2 MoparRepairConnect and WD Portal ensure that everything runs smoothly, and that all appropriate information reaches the user whenever specifically needed.

The effort included JRT working closely with the Mopar Wholesale team to load over 800 unique files, including parts pricing, product information, online ads, sales flyers and technical resources into the new Gen2 application and re-launching the site. Implementation of the new site and process enables same-day messaging and content posting by the JRT agency®’s client services team.

The JRT team is already compiling a Gen3 platform; such is the pace of digital technology today.

What Gen 1, Gen2 or further digital ecosystem can we create for your brand?