Questum Enlists JRT to Roll Out Its All-New Social Media Presence

Questum Enlists JRT to Roll Out Its All-New Social Media Presence

Social media strategy can often be relatively simple for many businesses. For example, an ice cream shop that creates unique flavors and is involved in its local community has an almost endless combination of content and support at its disposal. However, social media success is more challenging for a niche-focused B2B company, such as Questum, an industry specialist in casting, forging and precision machining.

That’s where JRT comes in. Questum does some really cool work serving a variety of industries such as commercial and light vehicle, e-mobility, aerospace and other emerging sectors. But, it needed JRT’s help telling its brand and product story to the right industry decision-makers.

What did we do? We took Questum’s social media platforms, which like many B2B companies, were previously internal communications tools, and transformed them into external customer-oriented global customer engagement platforms.  

This process, like everything at JRT, employs HUMAN, our digital-first process, where we team with clients to work (H) holistically to (U) understand the client and define their goals, (M) make or craft the solutions, (A) analyze initial results, and propose the (N) next-generation deployment. In Questum’s case, this involved identifying their “golden nugget” capabilities, crafting the specific market-orientated social media messaging, executing the revolutionized plan and suggesting refinement for the upcoming phases.

JRT’s digital specialists love doing this kind of work. If you’re struggling to market what you do effectively, contact us and we’ll put the right messaging and the right platforms together to get the results your brand deserves.