Bringing Accessories Out of the Shadows

Bringing Accessories Out of the Shadows

How do you reveal the hidden spirit that lives within every vehicle from one of the world’s greatest automakers?

You create art — or rather, artistic renderings that bring inert vehicle accessories to life. Thanks to JRT’s partnership with Stellantis Canada’s Mopar® team, we had the opportunity to develop a campaign to drive strong consideration to add Mopar Accessories to new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram Brand vehicles. For consumers, this means factory-engineered (read: high-quality) ways to customize their new purchase; and for Stellantis Canada and its dealers, it drives a higher gross vehicle sale. That is what’s known as a win-win.  

JRT’s creative team — in full ideation mode — crafted the Mopar Shadow Campaign. This allowed individual showroom brand messages to reveal a hidden spirit within each new vehicle, and show customers how Mopar Accessories allow them to travel, drive and play with comfort and ease. All of this work was designed to help Stellantis Canada’s dealership personnel to credibly talk Mopar Accessories right on the showroom floor.

The Mopar Shadow Campaign is now in Phase II, with the creation of digital assets and interactive materials that showcase that hidden spirit living at the intersection of purposeful design and exceptional engineering. These digital assets will allow dealerships to send information on Mopar Accessories directly to their customers — a useful and practical approach during this time of increased social distancing.

So, the next time you’re looking for the spirit in your product or service, give JRT a call. We can help realize your company’s vision — somewhere between blue-sky dreams and everyday practicality.