JRT and Mopar® Re-Launch Gorilla Glass

JRT and Mopar® Re-Launch Gorilla Glass

This really is about the gorilla in the room.

What do you get when you have two brand powerhouses together in one great product? A muscular opportunity to cross-brand, of course! Mopar®, arguably the muscle car maestro, and Corning Gorilla Glass, one of the toughest glasses out there, teamed up a few years ago to launch Corning Gorilla Glass for Jeep® Wrangler vehicles.

The Corning Gorilla Glass windshield is a great replacement option for Jeep Brand vehicle owners who love to meet Mother Nature head-on — and come out unscathed.

The JRT creative team created a can’t-miss in-store campaign for Mopar dealers announcing the pairing with (what else?) the tough-but-lovable-enough gorilla. Literally. With this “mascot” of sorts all over the dealerships — from mirror danglers to roof toppers in waiting rooms everywhere, even a gorilla coffee cup — this campaign reminds Jeep Brand vehicle lovers that the gorilla in the room is here to stay.