High-Stakes, New Product Roll-Outs? Done.

High-Stakes, New Product Roll-Outs? Done.

As long-standing partners with Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation (ILAC), we’re used to important, high-stakes new product roll-outs. We did it in 2020 with an award-winning digital consumer campaign for DIYers, and we’re at it again this year with two follow-up campaigns to the same audience.   

Using past campaign results and proprietary data technology funneled to a geo-targeted audience, we built an ultra-high-definition digital media customer profile.

The OLA, social media and paid search plan packed a creative punch – all driving to a specifically tailored landing experience.

The results were nothing short of amazing: both 2021 campaigns remained well above industry standards throughout the entire two-month duration, delivering over 13 million impressions and a CTR (click-through rate) triple industry standards. More importantly, the promoted products sold out less than halfway through the campaign, resulting in a brick-and-mortar product restock through Amazon to keep up with surging sales.

Additionally, the resulting consumer engagement and digital dialogue resulted in a tremendous amount of organic media presence. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of these campaigns,” said Bob Hashmi – Senior Division Manager – Corporate Marketing at Idemitsu Lubricants America. We couldn’t agree more, nor be more thrilled to continue to work with Idemitsu as it continues to boldly forge new sales with our collectively ground-breaking work.