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Delivering a Global Vision for a Circular Economy

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When Stellantis created their all-important global, corporation-wide circular economy initiative, they chose JRT to roll out their vision to key stakeholders. While the new SUSTAINera brand will grow to affect all aspects of Stellantis global operations, the initiative required immediate implementation in their parts and service business. This meant our challenge was to introduce the new SUSTAINera brand name as a replacement for the existing, long-established products under the Mopar® Reman name, and motivate their loyal parts industry customers to embrace it fully. Phase One: mission accomplished!
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Hands holding the infinity symbolHands holding the infinity symbol
SUSTAINera statistics and pictopraphsSUSTAINera statistics and pictopraphs
Sustainera catalogSustainera catalog

Stellantis is pursuing sustainability throughout every aspect of its business. In line with this, we converted traditional dealer ad materials into fully digital ones. The digital solution features a wide array of JRT-produced marketing materials for dealers to promote their wholesale parts business to independent repair shop customers. Accessible through QR coding, the new solution enables dealers to utilize materials digitally, as well as print only the materials they wish to distribute physically.

SUSTAINera webpage displayed on a laptopSUSTAINera webpage displayed on a laptop

As stewards of the vast Mopar dealer website network, JRT designs, produces, develops and incorporates the new SUSTAINera branding throughout the existing Mopar Dealer Site. Accessed by more than 7,000 users, the industry-leading Mopar Dealer Site offers comprehensive application guides and a powerful search functionality by year, make and model.