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National Dealer Network Gamification Madness!

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The bproauto® Next-Level Tourney is a JRT-created, run and managed initiative to aggressively grow bproauto sales – the new global parts brand from Stellantis for which the JRT agency® developed the entire brand identity. The Next-Level Tourney is a national gamification campaign engaging more than 2,500 Stellantis dealers in a high-stakes, March Madness-style sales tournament featuring big prizes, huge incentives and tons of urgency-inducing hype.
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bpro bracket tourney logo over blue bracket backgroundbpro bracket tourney logo over blue bracket background

This Next-Level Tourney case study video takes you inside the campaign.

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JRT developed a custom website where dealers track the tournament as it unfolds live – with matchups, current sales data and top dealer rankings. A March Madness-style tournament bracket tracked the competition’s progress and results, which was composed of 192 teams across three divisions.

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Man sitting in front of computer watching castingMan sitting in front of computer watching casting

JRT produced and hosted a weekly sportscast show starring Chuck Spieser and Holly “Wholesale” Weberman, delivering tournament news, the latest sales statistics and tips to win.

Produced by our own Steady Mobb, this hype video raised excitement for the coming tournament.