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Launching a New Global Parts Brand

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This project had one task: To fully develop the brand identity for a new, global automotive parts brand being produced by international automotive manufacturing behemoth Stellantis. The JRT team jumped at the opportunity and continues to guide the further development and global rollout of the new parts brand.
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Man staring at blue glowMan staring at blue glow
bproauto posterbproauto poster
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Line of bproauto packagingLine of bproauto packaging
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Packaging design is a key element for a parts brand, of course. For bproauto®, the JRT-produced designs needed the flexibility to work globally with multiple languages.

Image of ghosted blue vehicle outlinedImage of ghosted blue vehicle outlined
Blur from fast drivingBlur from fast driving
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bproauto typography and brandingbproauto typography and branding

The JRT-developed style guide is an essential tool for vendors across the globe who need to produce local bproauto marketing elements.

bproauto site on mobile phonebproauto site on mobile phone
bproauto roll up posterbproauto roll up poster

The JRT custom-built bproauto website delivers details on every part in the catalog and includes the important feature of listing what new parts will be available and when – a vital tool for customers of the new parts brand.