Mercury Racing

The Most Powerful Introduction Ever.


Advertising, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing

Strap a pair (or 2 pair) of these on your sport hull and get ready to move. Fast! These sea monsters provide 450 horsepower and 439 lb.-ft. of torque. Each. Not too much for us to handle, though. Maybe that’s why Mercury Racing turned to JRT to help launch their most powerful outboard engines ever.

  • Advertising
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing

450R Product Launch

Mercury Racing wide open video thumbnail
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Wide Open Video
Don't Change the game
A Mercury Racing boat on the water
The dual motors on the Mercury Racing boat floating in the water
Be the game
An advert that shows a Mercury Racing boat on the water that says Don't change the game. Be the game.


A set of online advertisements that say Like a boat out of hell and don't change the game. Be the game.


A facebook post that displays a slideshow of mercury racing boats and says Don't change the game. Be the game.


An interactive facebook ad that goes through what the interaction is and how it works. Interactive piece contains a video, a button linked to the mercury racing site, an image slideshow, and an additional video.

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